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Council Position 1 - Nonpartisan

picture of candidate

Joe Szwaja

(206) 420-1830
(206) 789-4668 (fax)

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Statement of Joe Szwaja

Progressive Values, Practical Results

Experienced city councilperson, inspiring high school teacher, dedicated community activist and practical progressive, Joe Szwaja has always worked successfully with people from different viewpoints for the common good.

Joe has provided significant assistance to many community groups, including Common Ground – Seattle (Katrina survivors), Jobs with Justice, and Community Alliance for Global Justice. Joe also helped the recent campaign to establish renewable energy standards throughout Washington and led his Seattle school in reducing energy use by 20%. He founded the Seattle International Human Rights Coalition and earned the UN Association-Seattle Human Rights Award.

Joe Has More City Council Experience than Anyone in the Race

As a three-term city council member in Madison, WI, Joe authored a landmark “family fairness” law which provided equal benefits and housing for GLBT families. To keep property taxes down, Joe cut waste in city programs. He made resources available for human services, equal rights and the environment by opposing costly, unnecessary projects such as convention centers.

Affordable, Livable City; Sustainable World

How can we make Seattle a truly world class city? Joe believes a truly world-class city nurtures neighborhoods and supports public schools as much as downtown development. It’s a city where working families find affordable housing. It means that our basic infrastructures – roads, water, bridges, lights, – are well maintained and our city services – transit, human services, fire, police and power restoration - are effectively delivered.

A world-class city is a sustainable and livable city that cuts our carbon emissions while moving people and freight. We can do this with affordable surface solutions instead of expensive tunnel projects, as well as neighborhood climate councils which set achievable goals in reducing harmful emissions, with the city providing resources, ideas and support.

Joe will tirelessly stand up to big developers and powerful interests while working to benefit the common good.

Vote for Joe Szwaja

Seattle needs Joe’s energy, work ethic, and ability to craft progressive, practical solutions. He’ll work hard – and smart – for our families, our neighborhoods, and our city.

Endorsed by: Paul Bigman, Prof. Lance Bennett, Prof. Phil Bereano, David Bloom, Juan Bocanegra, Brita Butler-Wall, Heather Day, Aaron Dixon, Lynne Dodson, Syd Fredrickson, Kevin Fullerton, Amy Hagopian, Rich Lang, Gentry Lange, Mary Anne Mercer, Diane Morrison, Sarah Luthens, Patrick Mazza, Krist Novoselic, Elaine Packard, Geov Parrish, Paul Loeb, Bert Sacks, Jeremy Simer, Jen Wood, Prof. Rita Wirkala, Ruth Yarrow.

The above statement was written by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.


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