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Explanation:This report summarizes the most recent financial information available for all campaigns. It details the bottom line information from each campaign's most recent form C4 "Summary Report". It also shows how much money each campaign has reported on form C3 "Reports of Bank Deposits" since the closing date of the C4 report. Adding the most recent bottom line contribution information from the C4 to the sum of all bank deposits since will usually give an accurate and up to date idea of how much each campaign has raised.

Caution: Recent amendments to reports filed earlier may not be included in the results here. Also, If a campaign fails to designate an amendment as an amendment it will (incorrectly) be included and duplicated in the results here.

To avoid problems you should vet the results yourself. You should click the buttons labeled "PopUp Relevant C4 and C3s" and properly account for: 1) Recent amendments to reports, or 2) reports not tagged as amendments that clearly should have been.

SEEC Staff routinely monitors and audits reports filed and corrects problems like those just noted. However, we do not always do this on a daily basis.

Also, please note that the "Total to Date" figure shown here may be higher than comparable figures displayed in the "Total Contributions" section of "Charts and Graphs". This is because the data shown here can include reports filed minutes or seconds earlier. The data shown in "Total Contributions" is less up to date, though it has been vetted by SEEC staff. The "Total Contributions" section is usually updated once a week during campaign season and less often in off years.

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