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  In June 2009, the City Council enacted comprehensive changes to the City's Ethics Code. You should not rely on opinions rendered prior to 2009 before consulting with SEEC staff.

Annotated Advisory Opinions are searchable below. These opinions (1974 to present) are offered to provide you general guidance. Variations of facts or circumstances may result in a different conclusion. For further assistance, contact SEEC staff.
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2.04.010 2.04 2.04.220 2.04.290(B) 2.04.300
2.04.370 2.04.480 4.16.020 4.16.030 4.16.030(A)
4.16.030(B) 4.16.030(C) 4.16.030(D) 4.16.030(E) 4.16.070
4.16.070(1)(a) 4.16.070(1)(b) 4.16.070(1)(c) 4.16.070(1)(d) 4.16.070(2)(a)
4.16.070(2)(b) 4.16.070(2)(c) 4.16.070(2)(d) 4.16.070(3)(a) 4.16.070(4)(a)
4.16.070(5)(a) 4.16.070(5)(b) 4.16.070(6)(a) 4.16.070(6)(b) 4.16.075
4.16.075(A) 4.16.075(B) 4.16.075(B)(1) 4.16.075(B)(2) 4.16.075(B)(3)
4.16.075(C) 4.16.075(D) 4.16.080   

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